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I'm a fantasy artist with a love of illustration and a Masters degree in just that. Over the years I’ve had experience in design, 3D modelling and acrylic artwork. 

Living in Robin Hood County and taking inspiration from all the history and culture the region has to give. Not to mention the rich heritage of growing up in the North East of England, the home of the Tyrell Corporation, a famous port of call for the Father of all undead and the hunting grounds of our Dark Angel. I have so much amazing heritage around me, how could I not use it to inspire me.

I have grown up in my imagination, using art to share that world with everyone. I enjoy everything from environment art to prop design.

Most of my art is produced with the modern digital marvel of Apple and can be whizzed anywhere in the world (real magic).


I have a Masters in Concept Art and Illustration for Games and Animation from the award winning University of Teesside.


If you have a perfect project in mind for me, feel free to drop me a line. Alternatively you can follow my work on Instagram.

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